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North Brisbane House Builder

With the North Brisbane house builder industry being overwhelmed by contractors and tradesmen with different skill levels, it makes it difficult to find a great builder for your home amongst the noise. You need a high-quality experienced team of contractors and foremen to turn your dream home into reality.

When building a home you take on a lot of stress. It feels like an overwhelming process with normal daily expenses and stress. In addition to trying to pay a home and land loan off whilst renting, designing and finalising your home layout, getting the project underway and trusting the builder you have chosen to build your dream home well.

The QPP finish

Queensland Project Professionals (QPP) are the team that delivers high quality, affordable home building and design. They develop a time frame and they stick to it (weather permitting). They know that you have a vision in mind of the home you want and they take pride in creating this home from design to construction. QPP do the job well, never cutting corners or quality, leaving you with a beautiful home and a great lasting building.

QPP is a large industrial, commercial and private construction company that is customer focused. In addition, they work on a “one to one” basis, making you the focus. They have a huge number of trusted tradesmen and foremen, ready to turn your home plans into a reality. Consequently, they know how to build your home the way you imagined it. As homeowners and builders themselves, they want to make it as easy as possible to turn what you see in your mind into what you can feel with your hands

With hundreds of construction and home projects completed around South East Queensland region, QPP have the experience and knowledge to turn your dreams into reality. QPP are the house builders that know how to make your house into a home.

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North Brisbane House Builder