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New Homes Brisbane

Queensland Project Professionals are a construction business that was founded on one idea, to develop buildings that are delivered on time, at the best price. QPP has operated as a family business in the construction industry for many years and have built many commercial building and have really got a name for themeselves as the ‘new homes Brisbane’ team. They are the leader of construction throughout the South East Queensland Region.

QPP is the construction experts for all shape, sizes, locations and uses, ie commercial, private, etc. They will travel to implement your construction needs. QPP are the Brisbane Builders people have come to trust for all of their building project.

They are a big construction company but they pride themselves in relationship with our clients to work on the projects together.

Queensland Project Professionals will keep the end cost of your construction is the lowest it can be as we have developed a great price for our overheads. 

Queensland Project Professionals can also provide contacts to arrange Town Planning, Development Approval, Building Approval and associated requirements.

Specialising in:

  • Mezzanine floors to Industrial/Commercial buildings
  • Childcare centres. Up to date knowledge of industry regulations and codes
  • Industrial/Commercial Buildings and Factories
  • Energex Sub-stations
  • Units and Townhouses
  • Industrial/Commercial refurbishments

We strive to deliver this high quality standard, but we don’t drag out construction like other companies. We are dedicated to finish the project with the timeframe as we know how important it is to have construction finish ready for the buildings intended use.

Queensland Project Professional have an amazing team that consists of highly skilled people across professional trade areas who will ensure your project runs smoothly. We love building and constructing projects that are of high standard that look and feel good. 

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