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With the industry of house builders being inundated by prospective contractors and tradesmen, it’s hard to navigate your way through the crowd and find the right construction business. You want a company with high-quality work and professionalism at a great and affordable price. Some builders will convince you that they have completed hundreds of homes. But you can’t tell if they have taken photos of their real building projects or if they are pulling the wool over your eyes.

When you are building your home, you have a lot of stress on your plate. From applying for home and land loans, getting a design you love, making changes, getting ready for the project to start, renting whilst trying to pay off your loan and all of life’s normal expenses and stress, you want to know that one house builder has your back.

Queensland Project Professionals (QPP) are the company that says what they can do and does it in the time frame that you both agree upon (subject to weather). They want you to have the home you have dreamed of, completed with no corners cut and all extras included.

QPP works with every individual on a “one on one” basis. They have the backing of a small army of trusted contractors and tradesmen on hand to get your home built the way you imagined it. QPP are homeowners and builders that know how stressful it all can be.

With hundreds of construction and home projects completed around South East Queensland region, Queensland Project Professionals have the experience and knowledge to turn your dreams into reality. QPP are the house builders that know how to make your house into a home.

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